Strengthening Charities’ Resilience in Today’s Digital Age

Building stronger, sustainable and progressive charities is the heart of resilience.

Navigating the ‘New Normal’ with Information Technology

It is an era of unprecedented changes and remote working is here to stay.

What Is The Cloud and How Can It Help My Charity

Audience heard from two guest speakers, with the objective to better equip themselves with the knowledge of adopting cloud-based IT systems

NCSS Social Service Summit 2019

iShine Cloud showcased the Volunteer and Donor Management System, a service that will be available as optional packages in September/October 2019…

Learning Festival 2019

Close to 50 leaders from the Social Service sector joined Singapore Pools at the 2019 Learning Festival.

iShine Cloud Clinic

In collaboration with NCSS, the ‘iShine Cloud Clinic’ allows professionals from the charity sector to better understand the types of services iShine Cloud offer.