Professionals from the Charity Sector Were Hosted to A Cyber Security Talk by iShine Cloud

23 October 2018–Titled “Be Safe Online – How to Defend Against Cyber Threats”, professionals from the Charity Sector attended a Talk focused on cyber security at the Singapore Pools Building. The team at iShine Cloud saw an urgent need for charitable organisations to regard seriously the threats posed by cyber-attack since risks arising from cyber incidents are wide ranging – from regulatory penalties due to theft of sensitive information, to loss of customer trust and damage to reputation.

Event attendees heard from 2 guest speakers – Yum Shoen Yih, Deputy Director, Government Cybersecurity Consultancy at the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, and Steve Ledzian, Chief Security Architect at FireEye, on how this sector can enhance their cyber defence capabilities and digital risk management, so as to better protect their organisations against the increasing frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks. Scenarios of cyber-attacks were demonstrated to give the audience a better understanding of what organisations could expect from an attack.

“Cyber-attacks are of concern to every organisation, and charities are no exception. To better protect themselves, charities need to be better informed and respond to these threats by adopting strict cybersecurity measures. We believe that this Talk has benefitted our audience especially with the two cybersecurity experts sharing their know-hows and experiences,” said Yip Yuen Fong, Executive Director of iShine Cloud.

The Talk was attended by Singapore Pools and iShine Cloud’s Chairman, Mr Koh Choon Hui, as well as 60 professionals from various charitable organisations. Participating organisations included ABLE (Abilities Beyond Limitations and Expectations), Bone Marrow Donor Programme, Centre for Fathering, Dover Park Hospice, HOPE Worldwide Singapore, Jamiyah Singapore, Metta Welfare Association, Shared Services for Charities, SHINE Children & Youth Services, Singapore Children’s Society, Singapore Scout Association, Special Needs Trust, Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities, Touch Community Services, and more.