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iShine Cloud Collaborates with IRAS to Half the Time Needed for Charity Donation Submissions with Digital Donor Management Solution

Singapore, 9 October 2023 – iShine Cloud, a charity set up by Singapore Pools, has partnered with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) to implement the DMS Lite (Donor Management System Lite). DMS Lite is a digital solution that can help charities half the amount of time needed for the donation submission processes, significantly reducing their administrative workload. To date, 469 charities have onboarded DMS Lite, which is offered free of charge to charities that are Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs). 

This collaboration, sponsored by Singapore Pools, allows for integration with IRAS’ Donation Submission API service (DON-API), which was released in May this year. DMS Lite can directly connect with IRAS’ systems to help IPCs automate the submission of donor information for tax deduction and increase its efficiency, allowing them to refocus their limited resources on work that has a direct impact on their beneficiaries. 

The solution replaces offline IRAS applications like ipcLink, which was downloadable by IPCs to help them track donations that are eligible for tax deductions, and can be onerous and time-consuming due to manual submission of donation records. 

DMS Lite will automate processes and offer features including: 

  • Donation Records Management: DMS Lite will facilitate the import of donation and donor records, and thereafter, IPCs will be able to upload e-documents onto the portal and streamline record management. 
  • Customisation: DMS Lite includes a feature that helps IPCs personalise and generate “Thank You” letters for donors, helping IPCs cut down on the time needed to develop personalised letters, yet still fostering deep connections and meaningful engagements with donors. 
  • Tax-Deductible Submissions: DMS Lite directly submits tax-deductible donation records to IRAS, streamlining the entire process as well as ensuring accuracy and compliance. 
  • Anywhere, Anytime Access: Unlike the ipcLink system, DMS Lite is a web-based system accessible from any browser and device. This flexibility enhances efficiency, enabling IPCs to manage their operations on the go. 

Ms Yip Yuen Fong, Chief Executive Officer, iShine Cloud, said: “Like any other sector, the charity sector needs to continue its digital transformation journey to streamline systems and improve processes, with the ultimate goal of serving beneficiaries and the community better. Aligned with our mission to help charities improve their operations, we are thankful for the sponsorship from Singapore Pools and grateful to IRAS for the opportunity to collaborate to provide the DMS Lite solution that is both easy to adopt and able to address the needs of charities.” 

Mr Robin Ng, Assistant Commissioner, Data & Digital Ecosystems Division, IRAS said: “A key pillar of IRAS’ digital transformation is to collaborate with technology partners in the industry to offer digital solutions that integrate tax seamlessly into customers’ natural systems and make the fulfilment of tax obligations seamless and hassle-free. Our collaboration with iShine Cloud to integrate the DMS Lite platform with IRAS’ Don-API service is one such example. DMS Lite and the Don-API service will enable IPCs to meet their filing obligations to IRAS seamlessly, while allowing them to simplify and be more efficient at managing donation records. We believe that IPCs will benefit immensely from this new digital solution and enhanced filing experience, and we look forward to furthering our collaboration with industry partners such as iShine Cloud to offer meaningful digital solutions to our customers.” 

Mr Satyaprakash Tiwari, Executive Director, Diabetes Singapore, said: “DMS Lite has significantly boosted efficiency at Diabetes Singapore. It streamlined our donor documentation processes and provided collaborative features that enable teams to work on documents simultaneously, facilitating real-time commenting and creating an audit trail. This enhances teamwork and helps us to save time and effort, freeing up resources that can be directed to our core mission. DMS Lite also offered features that enhance data security, allowing us to protect our beneficiaries’ privacy and comply with regulations. 

The implementation of DMS Lite certainly carries substantial social impact, particularly for organisations committed to social good.” 

Ms Lily Tay, Executive Administrator, Willing Hearts, said: “We used DMS Lite for tax deduction and to automate keeping track of our donors. The platform has eased our workload substantially and is user friendly. The iShine Cloud support team has also been a great help to us, always ready to listen to our problems and help us to solve any issues we face.” 

Ms Tina Saw, Chief, Corporate Services, Football Association of Singapore, said: “It was an easy transition from ipcLink to DMS Lite with no hiccups. In this early stage of testing, we found that DMS Lite is much faster and more user friendly – it has also helped us to halve the amount of time needed in handling donation administrative matters.” 

Mr Kelvin Koh, Finance and Admin Manager, DREAMS (Singapore) Limited, said: “DMS Lite is fast and efficient – it has helped us save a lot of time and is also extremely easy to navigate. The interface is also simple and user-friendly.” 

Ms Sindy Lim, Manager, Xin Yuan Community Care, said: “There are more functions for DMS Lite as compared to the old ipcLink, and we find it really user-friendly. 

Ms Lau Hui Ling, General Manager, Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund, said: “Being able to send tax receipts and thank you notes from DMS Lite to our donors helps us streamline the administrative process. With the savings in time and postage costs, we divert more resources to donors and beneficiaries’ engagement.” 

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